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Water Safety

Community & Water Safety


The Community Safety team (recently renamed as Water Safety) are specially trained volunteers within the RNLI who advise water and coastal users on water safety and provide safety advice onboard vessels owned by members of the public.
The team are responsible for taking the message regarding water safety to a broad audience including those who go down to the sea in boats, kayaks, wind and kite surfers, stand up paddle boarders, salt and fresh water anglers, dog walkers and others – in short everyone!

A key part of the work of the Water Safety team is to ensure that the message about the RNLI’s water safety campaign “Respect The Water” is clearly and effectively communicated to all those who need to hear this life-saving message.

Working as part of the local RNLI team and with the Community Lifesaving Plan for the Central Solent area (Lymington and Calshot Lifeboat Stations and inland to the non-tidal Thames), the Water Safety volunteers regularly provide talks on safety topics such as Calling For Help (all about the technologies available to ensure that you can reach help if you need it).

We also carry out Lifejacket Clinics (to show users how to check that their lifejackets are in good order and advice on how to keep them like that) through to delivering experienced insights into Advice On Board (a free report about how boat-owners have their vessels equipped for safety and advice on any additional measures the RNLI would recommend).

We’re happy to conduct any and all of these as part of marina open days, club safety talks, retailers community days, local events (such as the Lymington Seafood Festival, the Beaulieu Boat Jumble etc.) and in conjunction with our partners in HM Coastguard, Hampshire Fire & Rescue, South Central Ambulance Trust and Hampshire Police Marine Unit can be found attending “Blue Light” events around the county.

Providing a worthwhile uniformed volunteer role for anyone with relevant experience, you could become a trained Water Safety Volunteer yourself by simply contacting one of the joint Community Safety Officers here at Lymington.

Contact either:
Steve Billett on 07799 077206 or
David Monks on 07932 674894 or


Safety Campaigns

If, like us, you’re avid watchers of “Saving Lives At Sea” then last March you may well have watched an episode which featured members of the Lymington crew responding to calls to the Coastguard about a kitesurfer in trouble in the Solent.

Volunteers Kevin Coster (helm), Ben Bradley-Watson and John Husband were hand-picked from the 14 volunteers who responded to the “shout” and rapidly launched the Atlantic 85 Inshore Lifeboat to search for the missing kitesurfer.

Kevin Coster (helm)
Ben Bradley-Watson
John Husband

A few hours into the search, the crew managed to recover a kite rig but there was no sign of the surfer! What followed was an intensive pattern of searches, taking into account wind and tide patterns and the crew’s expert local knowledge, in an attempt to find the surfer – a task which ended up taking a total of 6 hours before being informed by the Coastguard that the surfer had apparently abandoned the kite, made it to shore, walked to their car safe and well  – and this news was only discovered as a result of social media messages alerting the Coastguard to this fact!

So a good outcome but a very frustrating day! This has lead Lymington’s volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Suzanne Brown, to launch a safety campaign which is rapidly gaining traction in other Lifeboat Stations around the country and is even featured on the main RNLI website  – it is called #LabelYourKit and has a very simple message – the clue is in the title!

Suzanne Brown (LPO)
#LabelYourKit pebbles

What Suzanne has created is a campaign to get all water users (not just kitesurfers) to mark any kit which could float away with some method of identifying who owns the item – such as marking it with a name and mobile phone number.

The MCA Coastguard have joined in by producing free labels which can be ordered from their website here and RNLI Local Ambassadors are also joining in to promote the safety message e.g. New Forest Paddle Sports in Milford on Sea said “This simple sticker could save RNLI crews hours of searching…

Suzanne also came up with an innovative move to get the crew’s children involved, by having them paint pebbles which are then placed in strategic locations around the area – here are some of the photos.

RNLI pebbles
Declan (and his pebble)
Declan's pebble deployed
More #LabelYourKit pebbles
pebble at the shop
pebble on the wall
pebble on the lamp-post

If you’d like to see more about this and the other safety campaigns then head over to the RNLI Lymington Facebook page

Talks and Presentations

It is never too late to follow the RNLI and the Lymington RNLI can provide introductory talks and presentation at all levels.

Typically these would cover: General RNLI History and Operations, Gold Medal Rescues, Volunteers and Money, The Lymington RNLI Past and Present, Future Developments and Water Safety but we can align our talk to whatever your need is. Please contact the station in the first instance with your details and name of your represented organisation and including both a daytime and evening telephone number and a member of our liaison team will contact you.

Schools and Youth Group Liaison

We like to sow the seed of following the RNLI early in life as the youngsters of today are the organisation’s future fundraisers and, in some cases, potential crews and they, in turn, may spread the word to their parents who perhaps have never been aware of the RNLI and what we do or how we are funded.

We can provide introductory tours of boat and station alongside learning experience presentations to all age groups and abilities.  Depending on the date and time of your visit and, of course, subject to operational constraints, you might even get to meet some of the crew and see the boat launched. Please contact the station in the first instance with your details and name of school or youth group and including both a daytime and evening telephone number and a member of our liaison team will contact you.