Lymington Lifeboat Station

Lymington Lifeboat Station

Lymington Lifeboat Station


Lymington’s Atlantic 85

B-882 David Bradley



NAME: B-882  David Bradley

LENGTH: 8.5 metres
TOP SPEED: 45 knots
ENDURANCE: 2.5 hours at full speed
PROPULSION: 2 x Yamaha 115hp 4-Stroke engines



The Atlantic 85 design allows room for four crew members and more kit than our old Atlantic 75 lifeboat. The added radar allows the crew to operate more effectively in poor visibility and she also has VHF direction-finding equipment. A manually operated self-righting mechanism combined with two 115hp 4-stroke inversion-proofed engines keeps her operational even after capsize. Capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear, she carries a full suite of communication and electronic navigation aids, including VHF radio, VHF direction finding, intercom, DGPS and electronic chart, radar and hand-held VHF, as well as a searchlight, night-vision equipment and illuminating paraflares for night-time operation


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