Lymington Lifeboat Station

Lymington Lifeboat Station

Lymington Lifeboat Station


Shouts 2021


Medical evacuation

Shout 18 Thursday 26th August

Called 1640 Ret 1852

Weather NE4

Lymington lifeboat launched to evacuate a lady with an ankle injury at Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight.  She was taken onto the lifeboat in a basket stretcher and taken to Yarmouth and handed over into the care of the ambulance service.

Persons in water near Lepe

Shout 17 Monday 16 August

Called 1742 Ret 1824

Weather SW4

Lifeboat diverted from exercise to support Cowes lifeboat with reports of 4 people in difficulty at Lepe. On arrival a shoreline search was started and after a period of time the lifeboat was stood down after confirmation came through all people were safe ashore.

Search for a missing kite surfer

Shout 16 Saturday 14 Aug

Called 1428 Ret 1505

Weather SW4

The lifeboat was returning from a previous shout when a call came through that a kite surfer was missing.  The crew started a shoreline search from Oxey Lake towards Keyhaven.  The call came through from the Coastguard that the person was safely ashore and the lifeboat was stood down.

Assist kitesurfer near Oxey Lake

Shout 04 Sun 17 Jan

Called 1206 Ret 1315

Weather SW 2

The lifeboat launched to assist a kitesurfer, called by a member of the public.  The lifeboat was swift to launch and reached the surfer within 3 mins of launching. The kitesurfer was very well prepared and was slow to reach the shoreline given the drop in wind. He was recovered back onto the lifeboat and taken back to Lymington.